Two Trick Pony has been committed to green design since we began the company in 2006. We work hard to reduce our environmental hoof print in many ways, starting with recycling everything we can — paper scraps, ink containers, cardboard boxes and anything else with one of those handy little triangle symbols!

All of our greeting cards are printed on are 100% post consumer waste recycled. By choosing to use the highest post consumer waste content available, we are preventing more paper waste from ending up in landfills. Our kraft envelopes and chipboard items also contain recycled content and our single cards are packaged in compostable sleeves made from plants.

Two Trick Pony reuse box

We use pre-loved shipping boxes and packing materials. They may not be pretty but they do the job and reduce waste in landfills. So if you get a package from us that looks like this, know that you are doing your part to help the environment!

Our studio is outfitted with solar panels, helping to offset the environmental impact of non-renewable energy sources.

We are constantly striving towards better, cleaner and greener practices, so feel free to contact us with any information, advice, or concerns. And please—recycle or reuse our cards if you receive one! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Cut the card into strips and use as bookmarks or as gift tags.
  • Remove the front of the card and send as a postcard.
  • Paper cuts can be surprisingly painful which makes our cards effective as weapons. (we do not condone violence, use in self defense only).
  • Two Trick Pony reuse cards spiderFrame the front of the card so you can remember receiving it forever!
  • The extra stiff card stock works great for scooping up and rehoming spiders and other multi-legged friends.
  • Our cards make great fans in the summer heat! Just stick a popsicle stick on the back and hand it to someone you love along with some grapes.
  • Simply toss it in the recycling bin!