The Pony Tale

Howdy! “Laurie Pony” Johnston here, thanks for stopping by. My little company has been around since 2006, creating bright, playful and retro-inspired cards, prints, invitations and custom designs. We love finding creative ways to help people stay connected through good ol' fashioned snail mail. We do our best to leave a light hoof print (get it? hoof…pony…ba-dum-bum!) on the planet, you can read all about our eco-friendliness here.

Love animals? We do too! We donate time and a portion of profits to animal rescue and vegan advocacy. Wanna learn more about helping animals? Check out the aptly named Helping Animals section of our website.

Wanna know more about me? My life-long love of all things creative and crafty and a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design led me into the stationery industry where I have been since 1997. I adore vintage wallpaper, textiles, thrift shopping and puns. I am constantly fascinated by nature and if I wasn't a card maker, I would probably be a nature photographer. When I'm not busy printing, cutting and folding, I enjoy yummy vegan food, cuddling furry animals, taking long walks in the woods and swimming in the ocean.

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XO, Laurie Pony